How to Send Test Traffic in Google Analytics?

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Google analytics is an emerging online tool for measuring website traffic. With the hundreds of people signing up for analytics account each day, adding analytics code to website correctly is a painful process for newbies.

If you have configured google analytics tracking code to your site and want to verify the configuration, follow the steps below:

Sending test traffic

step 1: Login to your analytics account.

step 2: From the left panel, click on admin

 click on admin click on admin

step 3: Under the property panel, click on .js tracking info and then tracking code.

 click on tracking code click on tracking code

step 4: Click on the send test traffic button.

 click send traffic button click send traffic button

Alternate Method:

The other alternate and easy way to send test traffic is by opening your website in another tab and look at the real time reports.

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