How to set google analytics email reports?

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Google analytics has so many features that are helpful and many of the users are still unaware of it. One of the useful feature is the automatic email feature. This feature allows you to send reports to your clients or yourself on daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly basis.

For setting the automatic email, navigate to the reports you want to send. Let’s say you want to send the Behavior overview reports to you client monthly. We will navigate to Behavior >> Overview and select email from the top menu.

Once you click on the email button a pop up window will appear showing email settings. For sending email reports, the email with which you have created GA account will be used and you can not change it. Enter the recipient email and from the frequency drop down select monthly and also select the day on which you want to send the email.

Next, click on the advanced options and select for how long you want the automatic email to be active.  Once you are done click send to activate the automatic email. Here is the screenshot for your ease.

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