How to Install Shareaholic via Google Tag Manager Template

How to Install Shareaholic via Google Tag Manager Template

If you are looking to install Shareaholic via google tag manager, you have made the right decision. Because doing this will improve your site speed and allow you to control the plugin without having to touch your website code. 

Without wasting time on less important things, let’s get started with the actual process. Follow the steps below to install Shareaholic via Google Tag Manager. 

Step1: Create your Shareaholic account and connect your website. If you already have Shareaholic installed on your site but not via tag manager, check the code and remove the code snippet. 

Step2: login to your Shareaholic account and click on my sites drop down and select the website. 

my shareaholic sites

Step3: Copy your site ID from below the left menu. 

Shareaholic site id

Step4: Now, open a new tab in your browser and sign in your tag manager account.
Step5: select the container in which you want to add Shareaholic.

tag manager containers list

Step6: inside your container, create a new tag. Click on the New Tag button.

create a new tag

Step7: Enter the tag name as “Shareaholic” and select the tag type as “Shareaholic”. 

select the tag type

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Step8: Enter the Shareaholic Site ID which you have copied earlier. From the triggering area select the trigger as All Pages. Your final tag should look like: 

shareaholic tag

Step9: Save this tag. Preview and debug workspace changes before setting them live. 

Now, you can view your website to check if the Shareaholic icons are hanging somewhere. 

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