How to add a new website to Google Analytics?

How to add a new website to Google Analytics?

Google analytics is changing quickly and is becoming more user-friendly. Things are not at the same place where you have seen last time. If you want to add a new website to an existing google analytics account, you have come to the right place.

In this short tutorial, I will show you how to add a new website to google universal analytics latest version.

Step1: Login to your google analytics account

Step2: Click on the admin button located on the bottom of the left menu.

goto google analytics admin

Step3:  Select the account from the dropdown in which you are going to add the website(property).[you can have 100 analytics accounts under a single google account]

choose the analytics account

Step4: From the property drop down menu, click on the Create new property option.(you can add upto 50 websites/properties in one account)

create a new property

Step5: Fill in the website details and click Get Tracking Id button.

fill the website details

Step6: You should then see the tracking code. Copy and paste into your website.

copy analytics tracking code

Congrats! You have successfully added a new website to google analytics. Once you add a new website you can easily delete the property anytime.