Over the seven years of consulting in digital data we've come to be relied upon by fast growing independent SaaS & Ecommerce operations, marketing agencies, and renowned consultants looking to deliver insights faster.

Our expansive knowledge of not only analytics platforms but also the folies & quirks of web, ios, and android platforms allows us to deliver professional insights quickly so you can be sure you are always using the best possible digital marketing practices.


We enjoy cracking the analytics cases wide open, and we are big believers in sharing the data goodness by building tools & sharing information.

Our Journey:

It started in 2009 as a collaboration between three friends moonlighting as consultants while finishing up with school. With our clients’ encouragement, we formally set up our business. Since then, we have been in high demand! 

Founding partner Hussain Mehmood leads Measurement Strategy & Analytics Implementation for clients as Principal Consultant. He is a digital marketer turned programmer turned Analytics champion. 

In hindsight its no wonder digital marketing and programming are awesome skills to have. You are either spending your time thinking what would be most relevant information to answer question or deciding what mix of code & elbow grease would easily make the insight possible.

Our team has delivered analytics solutions to more than 200 clients across 6 continents [fingers crossed we’ll be in Antarctica soon!]. Every month we help collect & understand the behaviors of 100,000,000+ unique users across client digital assets.

At MarketLytics our mission is to help get the facts straight when it comes to your marketing & digital experience. We look forward to helping you grow your business!